Vitalicious Review

First I want to thank Sarah from Vitalicious for sending some of their products for review.  Betcha thought you’d never here me say how much I LOVE MUFFIN TOPS!! :)  I must say that from the day I received the email saying they were on their way to the day I saw the box on my front porch I was so excited to try these!  Each one of these tasty muffin tops is only 100 calories and full of vitamins and minerals, 4-10 g fiber, 3-5 g protein, trans fat free and low sodium.  HERE is a link to their store with all their products and flavors.  I tried at least a bit of each flavor but I would have to say my favorites were the Apple Crumb, Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip, and the Pumpkin Spice.  Now I found a secret to make these even MORE delicious (ya, and you thought that wasn’t possible!). Microwave them for about 12-15 seconds. OH MY GOODNESS. It’s fresh baked muffins! They have that nice “slimy layer” (as I call it) on top and just melt in your mouth! Now, because of the  high fiber they do make you thirsty. So pair a Vita Top up with a cup of coffee, almond milk, water, or a protein shake!  For me these made a GREAT after workout meal, dessert alternative, and wonderful snacks for the kiddlets.  My son took them to school for his snack and I felt good knowing he was getting a healthy treat that he loved.  These will be a staple in our freezer (yes please freeze them after you get them) for our kids snacks and for my afer workout sweet tooth!

Check out their site HERE. Also make sure to like them on facebook as they are always running secret specials!! Enjoy! Finally a “muffin top” us women can be excited about!!!

Here is a news release about their product as well:

News Release 

The Most Delicious & Hardest Working 100 Calories on the Market

Originator of the 100-Calorie Snack Stays the Nutrition Course

NEW YORK, NY – Two years before the country’s largest food manufacturers poured millions into promoting 100-calorie portioned snacks, Aryeh Hecht had already launched the category in 2002 with his 2-ounce, 100-calorie VitaMuffins.

Though moist, chocolate chip-studded chocolate muffins and rich brownies slathered with frosting and nuts don’t sound like diet foods, Mr. Hecht’s mission with Vitalicious Foods was to create baked goods to offer sound nutrition, not just portion control.

While most of today’s 100-calorie foods are loaded with sugar, artificial ingredients and preservatives, Vitalicious baked goods still remain as eponymously “vital” and “delicious” as they were at the outset of the now thriving category.

Over the years, Vitalicious’ individually-wrapped VitaMuffin™, VitaTops™, VitaBrownies™, VitaCakes™ and VitaMuffin Mix™ have exploded in popularity among dieters and non-dieters alike because they are satisfying and provide excellent daily nutrition. In fact, clinical studies have found foods high in fiber and protein help you feel full longer and eat less.

“Just because a product only has 100 calories doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for you,” cautions Mr. Hecht. “It’s not just about portion control; it’s about taking care of your daily nutrition needs while satisfying your craving for something delicious.”

Vitalicious fortifies its products with nutraceuticals, vitamins and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and energetic. Vitalicious also takes pride in producing only all-natural products, without any artificial additives or preservatives of any kind.

Here is the VitaBreakdown of what you get in each individually-wrapped serving:

  • 100 calories
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Whole grains
  • 5g – 6g of fiber
  • 0g – 1.5g of fat
  • 3g – 4g protein
  • 15 vitamins and minerals


For more information, please visit

About Vitalicious Foods Inc.

Vitalicious Foods Inc. is the market leader of innovative “vital and delicious” baked goods that promote a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste. Ever since its inception in 1999, Vitalicious has been committed to providing wholesome, value-added products that maximize satisfaction with minimum calories. Packed with flavor and nutrition, Vitalicious’s all-natural baked goods contain only 100 delicious calories and are sold under the VitaMuffin™, VitaTops™, VitaBrownie™, VitaCake™ and VitaMuffin Mix™ trademarks. Vitalicious products are available in stores nationwide and at



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