Are YOU Toxic?

A couple of things I want to discuss because this is VERY important.  Why cleanse? What to expect during a cleanse?  This is a great clip about our bodies being toxic:

Why Cleanse?


We live in a very toxic environment. If you watched the video, it demonstrated how we are exposed to them daily and even have them in our homes and on our bodies. Not to mention how horribly toxic our food is..don’t even get me started on that topic!
Some signs we are toxic:

*Trouble losing weight
*Trouble sleeping
*Irregular bowels

I pulled my information from various articles and books I have read…just wanted to remind you all that I am NOT a doctor. Just writing an info paper from what I have learned and what has worked for me and a few others.

Detoxing has been something that humans have been doing for years. It is a popular method of cleaning the body.  It all depends on who you talk to and what their background is. If you talk to a traditional doctor about it, he/she will tell you it’s not necessary and they will prescribe medication to you.  Because that is what they know, that is what their education is in, medicine.  If you talk to a herbalist they will recommend herbs to help with different ailments..  If you talk to a naturopath they will talk about how wonderful detoxing your body is, you get my point. What works for one, won’t necessarily work for the other because we all have different beliefs about how our bodies function and what works.  I say go with what works for YOU!  I personally lean more toward the whole food/naturopath side.  I believe food is our medicine and sadly our food is so toxic and full of GMO’s and toxins that we really are in a vicious cycle.  Some of us are so stuck in our ways of eating McD and foods that are made of chemicals that we don’t WANT to believe that we need to fix it.  We fall into the trap of believing that what is on our grocery shelves is good for us, cause why would our gov’t want to poison us??!! (See I knew if I started talking about food I would go off on a tangent!)  To sum this part up…I personally do believe we need to educate ourselves and look at the root of the problems our bodies may be facing and start with detoxing then making smarter choices from there on out. Verse going to the doctor with every pain and ailment to end up with a medicine cabinet full of drugs that are only doing damage not good.

What To Expect During a Cleanse?

I guess the best way to explain this is to think of a person addicted to drugs or alcohol.  It has been proven that sugar and other toxic ingredients in our everyday foods react in our bodies similar to drugs.  When someone with an addiction stops taking that drug or drinking alcohol, they go through withdraws.  Mood swings, headaches, etc.  If our bodies are toxic, they will go through similar symptoms.  Again,  I am NOT a doctor…just a research post here folks!  For me, I didn’t have any of those symptoms. I had a headache for a day. Others may feel nauseous too. But before you feel like quitting on your body..realize your body NEEDS to be clean! I don’t think you need to have a PhD to know that.  I read a really good article from Precision Nutrition about intermittent Fasting written by Dr. Berardi.  I love this article.  This is actually the certification that I am going to study to become a Nutritionist.  Anyway, it outlines the benefits, effects to our bodies, etc. So..what will YOU expect during a cleanse..I don’t know! You tell me! I personally, felt great! I had more clarity, had a headache for a day, slept great, had energy..surprisingly.  I plan on doing 2 deep cleanse days per month because I see the positive effects it had on my body.

What do I use. I use isagenix’s system.  I know there are thousands of ways to cleanse but this is what works for me and what I recommend.


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I am 33 years old. I am a mother, a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend, a fitness enthusiast, promoter of holistic nutrition and living, Isagenix Consultant, animal lover, country girl, mountain woman, weight lifter...FIT MOM!

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