Deody Reviews

Yes, you read that right. I’ve been SOO annoyed with deodorant that I decided to do reviews since I seriously have one of almost every kind. Now, girls I’m sure you can relate. You find one that works well with odors, but leaves white stains on your black workout shirt, or you find one that helps with sweat but leaves the white clumps under your arms (my friend called them deody dingle-berries)…makes doing lat pulldowns a bit embarrassing! Well I’m on a MISSION to find a deody that will do it all!!


Lady Speed Stick

OK I bought this because it says Dare to Wear Black…LOL well…I did dare and I ended up with white ALL over my shirt! It didn’t hide odors (hey what can I say, I’m a sweaty stinky girl when I work out…I don’t mess around with pink dumbbells). And yes this deody leaves you with deody dingle berries. Do I recommend this to my fellow musklemoms…NOPE! I give this 0 out of 5 stars because it didn’t pull through at all!

Dove Clinical Protection

Now in the past I have liked Dove deodorants. It leaves my underarms soft and it doesn’t have the waxy residue like others. I decided to try the clinical protection because the regular worked UNTIL I started my workout. Then my underarms just smelled like sweaty cucumbers…well even though this is double the price of the normal Dove it works exactly the same. AND my underarms started to break out. Yes it left white stains on my shirts and sports bra. It helped with sweat throughout the day but one a workout was in effect the deody dingle berries came (not as bad as others but they were there) and odor protection failed! I give this 3 out of 5 stars

Mitchum Power Gel

Review coming soon…

Secret PH Balanced Invisible Solid

Review coming soon


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