My Transformation

Lets first start off with me 6 years and 9 months ago (dated at the time of me writing this) to when I got pregnant with my first child.  At that time I had been BFL’d (body for life) with success for 2 years. I was lean and in what I thought good shape. The saying eating for 2 was an understatement for me!! I LOVE to eat and when I had the excuse of being able to be gaining weight I took FULL advantage of it. And well I did. I went from 130 lbs to oh 20(something). I was HUGE. Huge, unhealthy, and unhappy. I wish I could find a picture…maybe I will and when I do I will put it up. After I gave birth I lost about 30lbs and was down around 175. Still VERY unhealthy for my 5’6 (ish) frame. I did what I could doing body for life again and ended up getting back down to 135-140ish after about 3 years. I looked ok in clothes but I wasn’t happy with my naked self. This is when I started to watch the body building shows on TV and started to take an interest in that sport (I didn’t know what Figure was at the time). Well we decided to have another and final baby. I didn’t gain as much with Lili but I still was around 185 when I gave birth to her…here is a picture of me 9 months prego (yep she was a big baby..2 weeks early and almost 9 lbs)

After giving birth to Lili again I thought I looked pretty good..I wasn’t one of those girls to fit into her skinny jeans (but at that time my skinny jeans were a size 10 or 12 at best). But when I look back at pictures and when I did at that time I realized I was kidding myself. I was unhappy and unhealthy with my body and was tired all the time. But when you live like that for so long you forget what its like to be and feel healthy and happy! Changing habits ISN’T easy. But do able..very very doable. You have to want it and believe you can do it. After you get that  mindset, well its not easy, but its better to have your mind and body in the same mode of thinking/doing…you get my drift 🙂


When I saw these pics I about died. I did cry and said enough is enough!! It did take me about a year to get my whole self into the changes I wanted to make. After Lili’s first birthday I was ready!

This was July 2008. Ya the dork face…wtf?? Fitting I guess!

At this time I was 165 lbs and close to 30% body fat! EEKS talk about health problems just boiling and ready to burst! I started to plan for my first show. I figured doing the body for life worked a bit but not to my 100% satisfaction. I started to learn more and more about this amazing competition called Figure. I booked my show right away (my show was in May 2009) and got to work! It was tough!  I had less than a year to make what I was told a “genetic mutation” (ya a comment on one of my pics…complement?? haha )There were tears, frustration, slip ups, times I wanted to quit, and even a rocky time in my life. But I did it. I DID IT! And when I say if I can do it anyone can, I mean it!! I changed my whole self, my whole out look on life. This has been one true transformation.

I placed 5th out of 7 in my competition. It was one of the BEST days of my life. I weighed in at 127 and 14% body fat. I felt like a first place winner no matter what happened that day. And when I walked off of that stage I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. I want to continue to compete and someday hopefully go Pro. I am 100%  natural in all I do for my training and in my life. I want to help, inspire, and coach others who may be struggling like I did (and sometimes still do).  And I hope to someday be able to help transform other mothers into Muskle Moms 😉


7 responses to “My Transformation”

  1. Tracey says :

    You look awesome and did a great job!! I know what you mean about not being happy with yourself. I am at that point but doing my hardest to try to get some what of my body back. It is hard when doing it all alone in my house but he will eat what ever I make or tell him to make. I am on the eating right kick right now. Then I am slowly going to kick in the workouts, Kinda hard to just jump in with all for me right now. I will find the time and will do it!! I want to start running even though I am not a runner. I do have the before pics and they are hanging in my room by my door so I see them every day!!!! Congrats!!! so proud of you!!!

    • musklemom says :

      Thank you Tracey! I’m proud of you!!! It is tough when you are going about it yourself. Tim wasn’t on board until AFTER my show. I remember being so angry when he would eat a burger or something else I was dying to have!! Great idea with the picture! Set your goals and you will reach them 🙂 You are on your way to becoming a muskle mom 😉 Let me know how I can help!!

  2. Kelly says :

    I have one word: WOW!! How inspiring…you are amazing!

  3. Regine says :

    Very inspiring story! I was just looking for reviews of Pauline Nordin’s Fighter Diet when I stumble on this motivating article. Though I am only 21, I plan as well on com

    • Regine says :

      -peting someday. On my way as well to 14% BF. I know it is not easy, coz if it is, everyone else would be doing it. Thanks muskle moms. 🙂

      • musklemom says :

        Thank you!!! How exciting that you are about to start your journey to go on stage!!! Keep us posted on your progress!! And thank you for the kind comment!!

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