Having both health & wealth!

Don’t use the “I can not afford” it excuse.



Im going to be 100% real with all of you, all the time.  I truly want to help people.  It has always been my nature and going through what I went through led me to wanting to help women get their bodies back after having children and to empower them to know how to help HER and HER FAMILY live healthy fit lives! Now, I live off of $2,000 a month…that is supporting me, my 2 kids, my 3 animals. Paying rent, car payment, monthly bills, gym membership, etc.  I am able to afford my supplements (well I actually FIND ways to afford things I can’t budget) and doing fun outings with my kids and friends!


I have a lot of people tell me they can’t afford health and fitness.  Let’s take a look at your budget…now if you want help learning how to incorporate fitness and healthy living into your lifestyle, I want to help you!!!  Below is just an example from a past client.


This client’s husband works and she is a stay at home mom. With 2 little school aged kiddos.


They figured the cost of a membership to their local club (family of 4) is around $80.  I believe that is pretty standard, sometimes less.


Ok, Now..look at your spending for the month. How much do you spend on eating out, groceries, & going out?  In this scenario, they spent over $1400 per month! ( We sometimes don’t think about how much we spend until we take an in depth look!)


Breaking that down even more:


Eating Out: $ 300 per month

Groceries:$1000+ per month

Going Out (drinks, movies, popcorn, etc): $100 a month


We really could dig deeper into your budget, but for this scenario, I want to keep it simple to prove a point.


Let’s re-vamp this to make it fit into your health and fitness goals. I will even SAVE you money in most cases! So, no more eating out! Why would you want to spend the money on foods that are making you unfit and unhappy?! Exactly.  We will keep your going out budget…but instead of going to movies and buying fatty popcorn and chemical sodas, go mini golfing or bowling. Something to get the family more active.


When you are at the store. Don’t buy junk! Don’t buy processed foods! Shop the perimeter of the store.  Make a lot of your foods from scratch.  You don’t need to be Betty Crocker to do this either 🙂  There are plenty of easy quick healthy recipes out there! Supplement snacks with Isa Lean Protein (great for kids too!), or the Isagenix snacks! Healthy, nutritious, and very tasty!


Now, lets add in our new healthy budget:


Gym Membership: $80

Groceries: $800 (we shaved off $200 from avoiding processed foods and frozen pizzas 😀 ).

Going Out: $100 (fun active family events)

Supplements: $150


TOTAL: $1130WE SAVED $270  a MONTH!!!


**NOW…if you wanted to MAKE extra income, you could get your Isagenix FREE..which would save you another $150..totaling $420 SAVINGS** 


Put THAT in savings an in a year, you have saved $5040!  You are now living a healthy life as a FAMILY, you feel better, and you have money in savings..you could on a trip, buy a car, or save for college, whatever! PRICELESS!!


Think in the future father…by living healthy NOW could literally save your family THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars in the future because of healthcare, medications, etc.



So, next time you say, I can’t afford it. Take a look at how bad YOU want it! Because where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way!!


And I am here to help you!!!


About musklemom

I am 33 years old. I am a mother, a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend, a fitness enthusiast, promoter of holistic nutrition and living, Isagenix Consultant, animal lover, country girl, mountain woman, weight lifter...FIT MOM!

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