O.N.E Natural Experience Coconut Water REVIEW

Well I am FINALLY getting around to giving my review for the O.N.E coconut water. I was waiting because Zico was supposed to send me a sample as well (hello Zico what happened?? 🙂 ). I wanted to do a side by side comparison…but oh well. Here is my review for  O.N.E  Coconut water.

First I want to say their service was A+++. I got the email right away saying they were going to send me a sample to try their product and not a couple of hours later I had the UPS tracking info on my sample order!! How fantastic! I also had follow up emails and everything. I personally believe that behind every great product is great service!! And I give their service a 10 out of 10!! Thank you O.N.E Natural Experience!

Now I haven’t ever tried coconut water before and I had no idea what to expect. I have to admit I was nervous that it would be really..icky. I had 4 flavors to sample. The regular coconut water, coconut water with pineapple, coconut water with guava, and coconut water with passion fruit. They recommend drinking these cold and yes I agree 100%. They do taste much better cold than warm. All flavors were VERY good! The passion fruit kind of taste like Kool-Aid. I’d have to say I preferred passion fruit, then pineapple, then the pink guava. I did LOVE them all but if I had to put them in order. My kids even loved them. The coconut waters are smooth and go down easy. I enjoyed mine when we were getting over the flu and was much more refreshing and hydrating than water alone or those sugary icky sports drinks.

**Health Benefits of Coconut Water:

1. Keeps the body cool
2. A natural isotonic beverage keeping us naturally hydrated
3. Great to replenish your body after a tough workout
4. Raises your metabolism (I like this one)
5. Promotes weight loss
6. Boost your immune system
7. Detoxify
8. Cleansing
9. Naturally balances your PH
10.Boost circulation
11.Great for people with kidney problems

…this is to name a few I found on line. Also some fun facts…
Did you know? The coconut palm that coconuts come from in Sanskrit is known as kalpa vriksha meaning “tree which gives all that is necessary for living”

Coconut water is the liquid found inside of a coconut…coconut milk is made by using the flesh of a coconut (I found this interesting)

**I found the above info from this interesting article.
Recipes using coconut water:

*Use it instead of milk or tap water in your protein smoothies.

*OO I found this yummy adult beverage recipe
Coco de Cacao – sweet digestif

1 measure coconut water
1 measure dark rum
1 measure creme de cacao.

Muddle the rum and crème de cacao in a tumbler. Add ice cubes and pour in the coconut water.

So to sum up my review…I LOVE IT! And I recommend O.N.E Coconut Water! Great service and a great product! They also have a fantastic cocoa butter lip balm!! It’s the “balm” hahaha hmmm


9 responses to “O.N.E Natural Experience Coconut Water REVIEW”

  1. Lexie says :

    I would have to argue that Vita Coco is better than O.N.E, and Zico for that matter. I have known about the benefits of coconut water for a long time and was so excited when Vita Coco. It’s so much easier than hacking open a coconut, and tastier too. I enjoy the different flavors, especially the pineapple one. I’ve allowed myself to try all the different brands (considering how much coconut water I drink it really wasn’t that hard) and take it from me, Vita Coco is the clear winner.

  2. Samantha says :

    I agree with Lexie, Vita Coco is much better in both taste and quality!

  3. Jainey says :

    Vita Coco is my favorite, I drink it all the time and it’s great after the gym. My favorite flavor is pineapple!

  4. Mark says :

    I have tried a couple different brands of coconut water, and find Vita Coco to be the best tasting and most hydrating by far. It goes down the smoothest, has the most natural straight out of a coconut like taste, and leaves me feeling refreshed, hydrated, and energized. You’ve gotta try Vita Coco if you haven’t yet

  5. Lo says :

    Vita is my favorite! Not a big fan of ONE at all, I think it tastes like plastic.

    • musklemom says :

      I’m starting to think the staff at Vita Coco is commenting on this page! LOL I’ve never tried it…maybe they can send me some like ONE did so I can sample and review it!

  6. Jess says :

    Vita Coco is obviously commenting here. Their coconut water is disgusting. It takes like dirty water. Th

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