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Mama’s Marchin Toward Fitness is just a fun thing I wanted to create for March! This is NOT a contest, there is no charge to participate AND everyone that DOES participate earns a prize from MOI!  So, what in tarnation (as my 5 yr old would say) is this?!  It is just a fun way for us to motivate each other, make goals for ourselves, try new recipes, share workouts, report progress, etc!!  So below are the rules/guidelines to complete the month and get your Fit Mom prize.

1) You must be entered by March 1.  Send me a message with your name, your goals (be specific). You can send me your stats if you wich (weight, BF%, measurements, etc). This is private info.  If you don’t want to send them, that is ok. But take them down!

2) Share your goals ON the Fit Mom page..example, you want to run a 5k, or lose 5 lbs, or learn how to cook healthy,etc.

3) Each week you will need to check in and tell me your specific goals for that week.

4) I encourage you to share your accomplishments or obstacles you have overcome or need help with ON the fit mom page.

THAT IS IT! And you will get something from me!!  I am doing this because I want to give a bit of motivation to you all!

It will be fun! We will get to know each other a bit and we will help each other out! (Did you read my note about the Silent Motivator?)







I get a log of questions on my Fit Mom fb page.  I wanted to share the past two questions I have received.  Now to seasoned atheletes these questions may seem obvious, but to someone who is just starting out it can be so overwhelming with all the information out there.  Where do you start? What do you believe? What do I DO?  AAHHHH!!  If you have any questions, send me a message  OR join our Fit Mom fb page and message me on there!

Q: I have been working out for a couple months and the scale isn’t moving! I eat clean and workout. What is the problem?

A: Well, there could be a few issues here. One, make sure you are eating ENOUGH! An active woman should be getting at LEAST 1500 calories (at least!). You should be drinking enough water, I recommend half gallon min. Another thing, have you cleansed? Our bodies need to get rid of toxins before our metabolisms can work properly. There are a lot of factors as to why we aren’t seeing the results we think we should be. Feel free to message me anytime and i am happy to take a look at what you are doing and offer suggestions! Also, do NOT rely on scale weight. You could be doing an awesome job packing on lean fat burning muscle right now, which may even make the scale go up! Take measurements, do a body fat analysis, and go by how you feel! Weight loss takes time and we want to do this for life, not as a quick fix 😀

Q: I hear about these weight loss pills and drinks. They say I don’t have to change anything and it will automatically burn the fat and I will lose weight and inches. Is this true?

A: NO. I get so frustrated when I hear about, read about, or see a product that claims it can do it all, in one SIMPLE pill. Not true. Not possible. And if it were, wouldn’t ya think we would all we fit hard bodies and eating junk all day? When I was at my heaviest (215), I wanted so bad for those claims to be true. I saw NO hope, no light at the end of that tunnel. But I know it takes hard work working out, eating clean, and supplementing with ALL natural quality supplements. Educate yourself in what you are putting into your body and doing. We spend so much time learning about other things but to me this is the one important thing we should always be learning about. That is how we will live a long healthy disease free life for ourselves and our families!!