Its Arnold Weekend

I’ve been wanting to go to the Arnold ever since I got into figure. Not this year. But it is my goal to make it there before Im 35. It falls on my bday weekened every year too 🙂 Extra bonus! Good luck to my two Divas who are competing at the Arnold this year, Tara and Lori! Both two amazing and very inspiration women! They will ROCK!!!

As far as for me these days. I did a couple of fun things experimenting with my body with diet, exercise etc. A couple of things I found out.

#1: Paleo doesn’t work for me. I actually gained, and NOT muscle. I followed the Primal Blueprint “theory” and nope not for me. I’ve since added back in oatmeal, yams, and eziekle bread. My body thanked me by losing 3 lbs the first week! It was all water of course but I feel much better.

#2: Running is NOT for me either. My body is built for speed and strength. Not endurance. I know I can train it too, but I will be honest, its not my thing. I enjoy the sprinting, and lifting heavy. So I’ve decided to work on perfecting what I love to do for now.

In about 12 weeks it will be exactly 2 years from me stepping on stage for the first time. I’m celebrating with a photo shoot. While playing with diet and exercise I did get back a bit with progress. And yes I will be honest and post my stats (gulp). I have work to do, but nothing that I can’t do in the next 12 weeks to be ready for a smokin photoshoot! Plus I have those who read my blog to keep me motivated (if anyone even reads this HA).

So here it is, my awful stats! I will post pics at the end 🙂

Body fat (with hand held tester): 24% (dear Lord what did I do!?!)
Weight (with workout clothes): 148 (EEKS)
Measurements: NOT GOOD! LOL

BF: 15%
Weight: 130-135 (not too concerned with this number)

I will post every 3 weeks! Accountability is KEY!


About musklemom

I am 33 years old. I am a mother, a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend, a fitness enthusiast, promoter of holistic nutrition and living, Isagenix Consultant, animal lover, country girl, mountain woman, weight lifter...FIT MOM!

One response to “Its Arnold Weekend”

  1. Healthgirl says :

    Hey Lady!!
    Get yourself lookin HAWT for that photoshoot! 🙂

    So… I don’t know if any divas will compete next year at the Arnold, but we should make it a goal to be there. Ape and Ang almost always go. Stef and Sal live close by. I’m 2 hours north… I think its a good excuse to get together. 🙂 Just sayin…

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