20 weeks!


Tim and I start our duathlon training TODAY! I have our meal plans and workout plans made for the next 4 weeks. This will be interesting. I’m NOT an endurance athlete and honestly don’t really want to become one. This should be a pretty easy duathlon (I hope). Its 6 miles running and 20 something miles biking. My training will be about the same as I’m used to, just more cardio and some running outdoors. I’m pretty excited! Meal plans are almost 100% paleo. We treat ourselves on weekends with greek yogurt mixed with 100% cocoa powder and fruit….YUM. And every 4 weeks we get a cheat meal! WOOHOO One day down..um..27 left to go for my first cheat meal!

I start school on Thursday which should be pretty fun. It’s only 1 night a week and each class is 5 weeks long. In 3 years I will have my Bachelors and Masters! I know time will fly!

Random side note, have I mentioned how much I LOVE Colorado weather? Its going to be sunny and high 40’s low 50’s all week! LOVE IT! I see lots of outdoor hiking with the kids in my future!

Off to eat another tasty meal 🙂


About musklemom

I am 33 years old. I am a mother, a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend, a fitness enthusiast, promoter of holistic nutrition and living, Isagenix Consultant, animal lover, country girl, mountain woman, weight lifter...FIT MOM!

3 responses to “20 weeks!”

  1. Healthgirl says :

    AWESOME! I can’t wait to hear how this goes!

  2. Joob says :

    I saw you on the girl heroes blog, your story is so inspirational! I am very interested in hearing how your transition from figure training to endurance athletics goes. I am in the middle of preparing for a bodybuilding competition myself and have been contemplating TRYING endurance in the future but I don’t know yet….

    Keep up the great work!

    • musklemom says :

      Thank you!!!Yes endurance is NOT my thing, but its a fun challenge!! Very exciting for your first bodybuilding comp! Good luck! I’m exciting to follow your progress!

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