What’s UP Doc?

Well I think I found a doctor to look at my thyroid, its been a LONG time since I’ve had blood work done. I guess this doctor is pretty understanding of the thyroid and also prescribes a natural medication versus the synthetic one I’m taking now. I’m excited about that! Appointment is next week!

Training is going well, about 16 or so weeks out. Gaining good muscle size and strength and excited to see the results when I start to lean.

I’m not sure how perfect I will be with diet this weekend, we are going camping. And sorry I do NOT have the willpower to turn down cookout food and smores! Oh and a tasty beer…mmm

These pictures are from our first camping trip with my BFF Kaitlyn. We had such a fun time! This time it will be the fam, me hubster and kiddos. I have learned that I love camping and would prefer to just live outside! Colorado is soo beautiful and the weather is awesome!!

Do you like camping?


About musklemom

I am 33 years old. I am a mother, a friend, a daughter, a girlfriend, a fitness enthusiast, promoter of holistic nutrition and living, Isagenix Consultant, animal lover, country girl, mountain woman, weight lifter...FIT MOM!

One response to “What’s UP Doc?”

  1. April says :

    I hope things go well with the doc!

    I can pass up the smores and beer but i’m still fat so I should just give in 😉

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